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Welcome to November. If your eCommerce brand has taken the right steps this should be your best month of sales all year. This is the eCommerce Super Bowl and this month should not be taken lightly.

Swello is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Clearco; the fastest, most affordable way for founders to fund their business.

Fourth quarter is historically the largest sales period of the year for eCommerce brands. It’s important to strategize and prepare for this time of year in order to best take advantage of the opportunities it presents. Swello's October Newsletter will walk you through some of the key actions you can take to get prepared to conquer Q4!

It is no question that COVID-19 has affected our lives in a variety of different ways. Businesses have closed their doors. Restaurants no longer allow people to dine in house. Entertainment sources such as movie theatres have temporarily stopped operating.

We have been working closely with clients for the past several weeks to better understand the business impact of the novel coronavirus. We are monitoring spending, reviewing trends, and game-planning to help safeguard client accounts against poor ad performance due to the abrupt change in consumer spending.

If you’re like a lot of businesses, you understand the power that comes from utilizing your email list. Emails are an amazing tool because they are easy to create, keep people engaged, and allow you to develop personal relationships with your customers.

For many, the coronavirus crisis has become a time of turmoil, fear, and uncertainty – especially for businesses. Companies are left scratching their heads as they attempt to transition to digital strategies and lock doors.

Facebook and Instagram have recently released an “In-App” purchasing feature for eCommerce and online sellers. This feature is currently in beta and only available to a select few, but we suspect by 2020 the feature will be available across all of the platforms for all advertisers.

With the holiday season approaching fast, we wanted to help you check one more thing off your list. We have compiled a list of our top favorite holiday ads to inspire you as you create your holiday ads.

Facebook and Instagram is the largest social networking platform in the entire world. It also has one of the best advertising platforms that allows you to take advantage of strong targeting options.

As a follow up to our previous article “Top 10 Shopify Apps for eCommerce Companies and Why You Should Use Them”, we created a guide to help new members understand how to add the apps we suggest.

Since June 2006 Shopify has continually seen exponential growth year-over-year showing just 51% growth in 2018. It’s no wonder we are seeing many grounded eCommerce companies make the switch to Shopify, even if it means a MASSIVE migration of data, SEO, and build-out.

Email marketing is a great way to build customer relationships, announce new products, increase your company's revenue, and many other beneficial reasons. Typically, email marketing has a 4x higher ROAS than any other form of marketing. We have written 5 simple tips you can implement now to get better results from your email marketing campaigns.

For E-commerce brands, the biggest time of the year is just around the corner. Speaking from experience with clients Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be a MAD scramble to organize creatives, sales, and implement MAJOR projects that can put a halt to incredible growth opportunities.

We have all heard people say, “Facebook ads do not work for my business” or “I lose money every time that I run ads!” Although that can sometimes be true most of the time is due to one simple fact, the ads you are running are not optimized correctly and your business doesn’t have a strategy.

If you are reading this article it’s probably because you are trying to figure out what Swello is? Maybe you are just wanting to learn more? Maybe you are even wondering what digital marketing is and how it applies to your life or to your business.

If you are designing ad campaigns on Facebook or Instagram and planning for creatives it can oftentimes be hard to produce the creative assets needed to launch a successful campaign.

Are you a business owner and are wondering why your traditional advertising methods are not working? Here are a FEW examples of why your business in 2019 your company needs to choose a new strategy.

A sales funnel, broadly, is the buying process that companies lead consumers through (ideally!) resulting in the purchase of a product or service. Customers enter and leave this funnel at varying times and places; some hang out at the top of your funnel...

Are you wondering what a successful ad account should look like for your business? We’ve taken apart a couple of our ad accounts to show you what you should be looking for in your own account, or looking for when shopping an agency to manage your media buys.