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Brandy Nyguen

Yes! They still matter and are definitely still a factor when it comes to ranking pages in search engines. But the fact of the matter is that keywords are not the most important component of SEO, and they never have been. As search engine algorithms evolve and become smarter, SEO factors will continue to balance out and SERP landscapes will continue to change.

Google Analytics’ main purpose is tracking data, storing it and generating reports about your website. There is a Javascript snippet (or tracking code) that sends the corresponding data like: page views, bounce rate, new visitors, or returning visitors to Google Analytics.

SEO and PPC have grown to be very popular digital marketing channels and with good reason. Both channels have a solid reputation for generating leads, increasing brand awareness, and driving audiences to your websites.

If you are asking yourself if you should have a branded PPC campaign the answer is...YES. You want to be the first ad listed when someone searches for your product or business name. But if I am that business and own that name, why should I bid on myself?

There has been a big shift among search engines to focus on getting their users the best possible results for their searches. To stay competitive, website are going to need fresh, quality content.

Search Engine Optimization is a process that organically drives traffic to your website by ranking higher in search engines. The methods for increasing unpaid results have evolved with the improvements of search engines, but good results are still very achievable