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15 Facebook Ad Examples for the Holidays

With the holiday season approaching fast, we wanted to help you check one more thing off your list. We have compiled a list of our top favorite holiday ads to inspire you as you create your holiday ads.


With the holiday season approaching fast, we wanted to help you check one more thing off your list. We have compiled a list of our top favorite holiday ads to inspire you as you create your holiday ads.


This ad from shows a great use of branding and strong colors showcasing products that pop with a call to action to buy online. Target also demonstrated a good use of copy, using words like “frightfully near”, giving a little edge to the ad and halloween season.


This Facebook Carousel Ad for Wayfair is a great way to show variety if your online store has a large amount of different products, color tones, and options to order. As you can tell they also use the copy in a creative way to create hype, awareness, and excitement for the Black Friday shopping holiday.


One thing that Biostrap did very well here was the use of a very eye catching creative that from a first glance might not make sense. This strong creative forces the user to stop and view the ad which makes for an effective creative. At the same time those posing in the ad correlate with the shape of the product and the lifestyle it’s meant for. Biostrap also does a great job of showing their huge incentives right on the ad to get a much lower CPA.


Coca Cola has always been good at pulling at our heartstrings when it comes to their advertisements. This ad does a great job at relating its product with “the time of giving”. This as pulls the emotion, and calls for an action that supports the brands mission.


The National Park Foundation along with other brands have been advertising heavily to skip the lines and “opt outside.” Encouraging consumers to go out and spend time in the great outdoors rather than go shopping. This ad is a great example of using mission and values to push a strong call to action.


For those that love Oreos this ad will certainly catch your eye. During the holiday season in 2018 Oreo was doing a special deal where you could buy a “custom” pack of Oreos. This ad is a good use of incentive + creative, and creates a strong desire for an Oreo fan to participate in their promotion.


Nike is no novice to Facebook ads and you can find MANY great examples of copy and creatives used in seasons passed. This specific ad shows a great example of a product launch specific to their new winter shoes lined with Pendleton wool. These types of ads can be great to bring awareness to viewers on new products for the shopping seasons.


Even a brand like Home Depot can greatly benefit from social ads for the season. Use ads and creative copy to bring awareness and urgency to sales relevant to your viewers. Don’t forget to set up re-marketing campaigns that can be used to trail viewers around online to press that urgency even further.


This ad by Wish is another great example of combining creatives with messaging. Directly on each image is a sale price and a urgency call, with direct links to the products for purchase.


Being funny on ads even for the Holidays is a GREAT idea. Maximize your cost per engagement by utilizing witty creatives like “Nana will love it!” Dollar Shave club has quickly become a staple in the creative world, and great things can be learned from the tactful things they do to generate awareness, engagement and sales online.


What better way to increase sales through ads than to advertise and incentivize on a holiday specific product. This ad uses the perfect creative, headlines, and copy clearly communicating the savings, deadlines, and benefits of buying NOW.


Remember that some times it is 100% OKAY to go simple. did a great job of demonstrating that on this 50% ad for Black Friday. Nothing fancy here, just clear concise advertising.


People like lifestyle and we think that Origins did a great job of representing that type of creative here. This visualization gives the viewer a good idea of how the products will look and feel in their own life. At the same time for the holidays they added a sweet deal to increase that desire to buy.


Many people will tell you that creative copy on ads doesn’t need to be long or complicated and in some instances we’d agree. But sometimes it’s important to just write just like Man Crates did here. Make sure when you are writing for your ads that you are using your brands voice and having fun with it.

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