Traditional marketing is dying...don't believe us? Here are the facts...


Are you a business owner and are wondering why your traditional advertising methods are not working? Here are a FEW examples of why your business in 2019 your company needs to choose a new strategy.

  1. Since 2000 more than 75% of newspaper revenue has decreased.

  2. The average response rate of direct mail is less than 2.9% on average

  3. Roughly 32% of the U.S. marketer population has pulled out of traditional media buys in print, outdoor, and broadcast advertising placements.

As for digital the trends continue to grow. According to (Axios, 2017) Google and Facebook together produce more revenue than the entire print and radio industry combined. Digital marketing is on track to become the largest advertising market this year.

Remember “good” marketing requires CONSTANT testing, tracking, and optimization. If methods don’t work it’s important to be nimble and make quick adjustments.

So if this looks like you after reading this…


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Blake Rossell