5 Digital Advertising DON’TS of the Holiday Season.

What do Kevin McCallister, Rudolph & fruitcake have in common? This holiday season, get the most out of your ads by avoiding some of the top mistakes we've seen in social advertising. We'll explain misconceptions, and provide guidance that will help you effectively strategize for this critical time of year.

Don’t Procrastinate the holiday list

Plan your Black Friday & holiday campaigns early. What will your sale be? On what channels will you promote it? What will be your messaging & creative for the promotion?

It is also best practice when running ads on Facebook & Instagram to publish the ads 5-7 days prior to Black Friday weekend. Typically, Facebook’s approval time is much longer because there are so many people submitting ads. There have been several instances where a brand’s ads were only shown for part of the weekend because they waited till the last minute to publish them.

Don’t forget Kevin McCallister

During Q4, many brands focus on reaching new customers. Keep in mind that ‘top of funnel audiences’ will be more expensive to convert than any other time of the year. You'll be facing higher CPM’s along with trying to educate someone on your brand or service. Yes; you want to acquire new customers, but don’t forget Kevin! Your Black Friday and holiday advertising must focus on your warm audiences just as much as your cold audiences. Why? Because it will be much easier to convert people who are already familiar with your brand. This could be past purchases, email lists, website visitors, or even people who have engaged with your business pages on social channels.

Don’t bring Fruitcake to the party

Don’t advertise an offer that isn’t competitive. Remember that you are not just competing against brands in your space. You are competing against Walmart, Target, Amazon, etc. Let’s imagine you own an apparel eCommerce business. You decide to advertise a 15% off sale for Black Friday, but at that same time people are getting 50% flatscreen tvs. Do you think they will click on your ad? No, probably not. Your promotion needs to be strong enough to capture the attention of the viewer and have them visit your website.

Don’t try to be the world’s greatest light show

This may seem contrary to the previous point but hear me out. More than likely you do not have the budget or bandwidth to produce content at the scale of these major companies and that is okay. The benefit of having a small to medium size business is that you know your target market intimately. You have the ability to tailor your messaging and ad creative to be relevant to your market. Think of it this way. . . You aren’t putting a light show on for the world. You are putting a light show on for your neighborhood. Which, by the way, are the ones who are going to buy your product anyway. 

Don’t leave Rudolph behind

I have seen many brands find a channel they like to advertise on and stick with it. For instance, I specialize in Facebook advertising and even I will admit that not everyone is on that platform. Make sure you are advertising your products on several channels. At Swello we have seen great success combining our Social ads with Email & SMS marketing. There have been several instances that our clients didn’t get the sale on the first touch from Facebook but they did convert when we remarketed via Google, Email or SMS. I am not saying leave your current reindeer. I just believe there might be a Rudolph in your marketing strategy that you didn’t know you needed for that foggy day ;)

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