Business Vs. The Coronavirus & How To Beat It

For many, the coronavirus crisis has become a time of turmoil, fear, and uncertainty – especially for businesses. Companies are left scratching their heads as they attempt to transition to digital strategies and lock doors.


For many, the coronavirus crisis has become a time of turmoil, fear, and uncertainty – especially for businesses. Companies are left scratching their heads as they attempt to transition to digital strategies and lock doors.

Gyms, restaurants, bars, entertainment centers, professional services, and many other types of business, as well as their employees, are left uneasy, confused, and anxious about the future.

As a digital company, we have had MANY approach Swello with questions about operating online, transitioning to digital sales, or making use of online business tactics to continue growth digitally while the rest of the world stands still. During these trying times, we as a company have come together to be a resource and support for those struggling with the transition.


Not every company can transition online. We get it. But there is so much opportunity in the digital space that many businesses are leaving on the table . Consumers are getting smarter and continue to access information online as,  81% of the adults in the US population have smartphones.

With quarantines and employees working remote, much of our attention is turned to our devices for updates, entertainment, and as simple as it sounds, relief. Instead of fearing the unknown or feeling forced to make business decisions, let’s get creative. Let's think outside the box. Let’s use this as an opportunity to reach our people online.

Gyms are closed, but they remain open by offering online classes,  instructors live streaming, and personal training through company apps. Restaurants are shutting doors, but continue servicing patrons through delivery. Brick and mortar stores are sending employees home but are expanding their products online. Lawyers aren’t going to work but are hosting webinars and logging into, online meeting rooms. So the question is, how will your business react?


To get you started, we want to offer a few suggested apps, platforms, and tools we utilize that will help your company lay the foundation for operating online.


For any business, communication is key. Slack is a great resource to organize remote communication via chat. Build channels for specific users to communicate with their departments.

We use to organize projects, daily tasks, and organize how we prioritize and execute. This system also allows our team to streamline internal reporting and accountability.

Google Suite Apps

Google apps such as Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Notes, and other docs allow us to organize data, files, and share across our team.


Any businesses aiming to deploy online shopping channels will want to first look at Shopify. The user interface is incredibly easy to use, and customizations can be made quickly.


Looking to train others online? Kajabi is our recommended platform for course builders or businesses looking to take their advice, and expertise online.


This software allows mass amounts of people to join your virtual meeting live. Allow viewers to ask you questions and participate in whatever manner you see fit., You can also build post webinar experiences to grow sales.

Google Ads

Google ads is an amazing platform to advertise on search networks, display networks, and even Youtube. This platform is great for targeting high intent consumers .   Looking for answers and solutions online.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a great platform for pull marketing strategies, allowing you to reach very targeted people and display a unique creative message in video or images.

LinkedIn Ads

The LinkedIn platform can help reach businesses in specific categories or sectors. Send direct sponsored messages or advertise your company's message on it’s live feed.


We feel it is necessary to stand together and be of support through this difficult time. Many businesses are struggling to navigate and adjust to the dynamic and unpredictable changes in the market.  Swello is opening up a few remote office hours every day to help businesses make appropriate modifications to their marketing and sales plans, and assist those transitioning in from traditional business methods to new digital strategies. As a digital company, we can help guide business through communications, messaging, revenue growth, sales, and, of course, digital marketing and advertising.

These 30-minute sessions are only offered in online meeting rooms, and are designed to quickly assess your business needs and give you confidence in your business strategy.  We understand that small businesses are feeling and fearing the effect of the global pandemic, As such, each session includes a zero-cost consultation, and no commitments or strings attached.  Swello is committed to providing quality and easily-accessible services to help your business succeed during this time of uncertainty.  

Please fill out the form below and a member of our team will book you for a slot within one business day.  Thank you!

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