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E-commerce Fashion Ad Inspiration of 2019

If you are designing ad campaigns on Facebook or Instagram and planning for creatives it can oftentimes be hard to produce the creative assets needed to launch a successful campaign.

If you are designing ad campaigns on Facebook or Instagram, and planning for creatives it can often times be hard to produce the creative assets needed to launch a successful campaign.

You can spend the hours it takes to look for and identify similar brands, and then skim through everything they are doing on Facebook, Instagram, their website etc. Or you can let us do the hard work and give you some of Swello’s e-commerce fashion and apparel ad inspiration.

Below are a handful of helpful ads that have actually been active at some point on Facebook or Instagram.


Needless to say Nike is an absolute leader in the shoe space, and what they are doing on their social ads is no different. You can see how their ads are aimed to capture attention. Bright colors, with a unique lifestyle framed image, and clever copy playing off the title of their shoes “Air Max.”  We give this ad a 9/10.


Rag & Bone (a relatively new online brand) has hit the consumer market with full force. Their ads are designed tastefully with a simple video ad showcasing their new fall fashion line, and the copy introducing the description of their new products perfectly.

Shop this jacket


It’s no secret most people are in love with Lululemon. This upcoming brand has succeeded by pushing the need for durable, high end active wear. The above advert is a great example of clean creative with a blend of deep red color palettes, and creative copy that plays off the products key value proposition.

Shop these Leggings


If you are on Instagram, Asos (a trending online fashion store) has completely taken over your feed. With over 5.9 million followers on Instagram they are a perfect example of what people are wanting to see in an ad experience. This ad is a direct push for a new launch, creating hype and excitement around Madison Beer’s style edit.

Shop this style


Every ad doesn’t need to have fancy creatives. If the this type of creative fits it might be appropriate to just use an eye catching color and text like this recent UNIQLO ad. These ad is pushing new fall styles leading straight into the biggest shopping months of the year.

Shop Fall New Arrivals

Struggling with your ads and want some help? Swello has your back. Feel free to reach out to one of our expert team members who can help plan, design, and launch a successful ad campaign. Thanks for reading!

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