Swello Newsletter: The Current October 2021

Fourth quarter is historically the largest sales period of the year for eCommerce brands. It’s important to strategize and prepare for this time of year in order to best take advantage of the opportunities it presents. Swello's October Newsletter will walk you through some of the key actions you can take to get prepared to conquer Q4!

Marketing News

- New iOS 15 update is having a huge impact on email marketing. Open rates will be inflated and segmentation may have to be updated.

- TikTok rolled out a host of new partnerships to sway advertisers and their brands to join the platform.

- The Adobe Max conference is coming up! It’s a great way to meet your favorite designers, learn about industry trends, and so much more! It will be held on October 26-28th and it is free to attend virtually. Book your seat using this link.

- Google has made changes to its advertising tools, consolidating smart display and standard display into one campaign type. We continue to see a shift towards automation and machine learning from Google.

- On September 14th, Facebook announced an update to add detailed targeting and targeting expansion. Up until now, detailed targeting expansion was optional. Going forward, it will be automatically included at the ad set level.

Holiday Tips & Tricks

Consider offering deeper discounts to stand out in the crowd.

Remember that time you were on the fence about trying a product, but gave in when a promotion was involved? Yeah, us too. On average, 75% of marketing emails from late November through late December include some type of discount, BOGO, or free shipping offer.

Continue to build your audience.

After accumulating the highest amount of engagement as you can, focus on retargeting this traffic with your Q4 promotions. Have special creatives ready for the holiday season because you will not want to use your standard ads

Ensure your site is ready for increased traffic.

If all goes well, your website traffic should increase in Q4. Test the different pathways customers might take, your shopping cart, and any other features you may have to ensure they have the best possible experience when they come to your online store. The easier you make the customer journey, the easier you will be able to sell more products.

Digital Marketing Trends

MER is the new ROAS
Help, my Facebook ROAS is 1.2x and I’m struggling! Apple’s privacy updates have been especially impactful for Facebook advertisers, mostly in the form of incomplete conversion attribution. ROAS is no longer as useful of a metric as it once was. Enter M.E.R. (Marketing Efficiency Ratio) and eROAS (estimated Return on Ad Spend). More and more marketers are turning to these holistic metrics to judge the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. Chat with your Swello Account Manager to learn more about calculating these metrics for your business.

TikTok Surpasses 1 Billion Monthly Active Users
If we have learned anything from business and marketing in the last 10 years, it is that those who pivot last usually don’t end up finishing first. For example, TikTok just surpassed YouTube for the average monthly watch in the US: 24 hours. Also, 77% of users say they have bought something they saw on TikTok. Some may say, “Will everyone stop talking about TikTok? It's not where my customers are.” Are you sure?

YouTube Videos Are Now Shoppable
YouTube is becoming more of a direct-shopping tool for consumers, and advertisers now have an option to link products to existing YouTube video or image campaigns. According to Google, 70% of YouTube viewers bought a brand as a result of seeing it on the platform. And advertisers who used product feeds in their video action campaigns achieved over 60% more conversions at a lower cost. It’s important to note that a Google Merchant Center must be established to use it and that this feature is only available when a phone is in portrait mode.

Marketers Are Going All In w/ Video Content
As Instagram is pushing video content, Reels have become a hit. Some predictions for Instagram Reels in the coming months are that they will increase in length, become shoppable, include new editing tools, etc. So, the time to perfect your Reels content is now! Share engaging, and creative videos that are to the point and quick to grab your attention. Keep up with the trending "sounds" and pull inspiration from related brands. The more you create Reels content, the more skilled you will become at it!

How One of Our Office TikToks Went Viral

One of our TikTok’s has 1M views. . . and counting! We have been building our TikTok here at Swello. A few weeks ago we had mild success when we shared a bunch of funny quotes from Brett, who is the Social Ads Team Lead. A few weeks later on a normal Thursday just like any other, we posted a second video of more quotes from Brett. Well, long story short, we started the day with 130 followers and ended the day with 1,120+ followers and more than 310,000 views! Oh, and now we're at more than 11k followers, but who's counting.

TikTok is an interesting new beast in the social world that may work for your brand. Click here to learn more.  And click here to watch the video that made us feel famous.

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