The Current Report November 2021

Welcome to November. If your eCommerce brand has taken the right steps this should be your best month of sales all year. This is the eCommerce Super Bowl and this month should not be taken lightly.

Welcome to November. If your eCommerce brand has taken the right steps this should be your best month of sales all year. This is the eCommerce Super Bowl and this month should not be taken lightly.

Marketing News

- 2020 was an unprecedented year for Black Friday and Cyber Monday consumption and supply shortage-wise. This year we are better prepared for tackling Black Friday online.

- Google Ads announces Data-Driven Attribution as their Default Model.

- Instagram is rolling out link stickers in Stories for all users! This means your brand can now include a link back to your website/product without the previous requirement of 10,000 followers.

- Facebook announced new ways for businesses to get discovered and connect with customers this holiday season, including video and audio calling on Messenger, appointment booking, WhatsApp Collections, and more!

- Shopify introduces shopping on TikTok. For some companies, social media is a huge way to connect with consumers, TikTok continues to be a great new way to engage with people and now you can conveniently shop in the app with your Shopify store!

Cyber Weekend Tips & Tricks

Publish your Ads Early

You should publish your Facebook & Instagram ads 5-7 days prior to Black Friday weekend. Typically, Facebook’s approval time takes longer because there are so many people submitting ads. There have been several instances where a brand’s ads were only shown for part of the weekend because they waited till the last minute to publish them.

Use Performance Planner to plan for budget increases

It’s a good idea to increase your marketing budget during the holiday rush, but by how much? Use Google’s Performance Planner tool to project how conversions, revenue, and ROI will change based on ad spend. Within Google Ads, go to “Tools & Settings” at the top right, then under “Planning” click “Performance Planner”. Click “+” to create a new plan. You can project based on conversion value (revenue), conversions, and which date range you are choosing to project (we recommend choosing November–December 2021 for holiday planning).

Create a holiday gift guide

A holiday gift guide is a great way to help increase your sales. Using a gift guide in ads and email helps give your brand credibility by giving your past and future customers ideas for gifts in the holiday season. Send your gift guide early in November to ensure you are top of mind during their research phase, so by Cyber Weekend, they will be ready to buy from you.

Digital Marketing Trends

Black Friday is the undisputed king of sales

It has been the protagonist of the most profitable season for years, which starts the last weekend of November and ends with the Christmas holidays. The $789 billion record hit by the U.S. market alone during this crucial period last year—about 30% of the overall profits of 2020—was no coincidence.

Pinterest is making waves

According to eMarketer, Pinterest has 91.1 million US monthly active users, making it the third most popular social network in the country, just behind Instagram (118.9 million) and Facebook (179.5 million). More and more advertisers are shifting budget to Pinterest Ads; Pinterest’s revenue grew 125% year over year to $613 million in Q2. Oh, and did you know Swello manages Pinterest Ads!? Now you do.

Engage with your target audience

One thing that cannot be ignored by any business, marketer, or advertiser in 2021 is the importance of content marketing. To summarize, content marketing is organic or paid media that is relevant and provides value to the individuals being targeted. Examples include blogs, social media posting, paid advertising, and infographics.

Understand the role of devices in your customer’s journey

For eCommerce businesses, it’s important to understand how your online store’s mobile experience plays a role in your customer’s journey. Many businesses will assume they should emphasize their efforts on their mobile shopping experience, but 2021 statistics say otherwise.

Featured Work

As part of our strategy for Black Friday, we wanted to gather a list of shoppers who anticipate purchasing during Black Friday & Cyber Monday. This ad for Squid Socks was created as a Facebook lead form ad, and was connected to a Klaviyo CRM. Since the launch of this creative we have had over 347 shoppers sign up. We are seeing an average of $1.50 per lead.

New Referral Program!

If you refer someone to us and they sign on to any Swello services, you will get the greater of either of the below:

  1. 15% off your next invoice (invoice following the signature/payment of your referral!)
  2. 15% of the referral’s monthly contract value added as a credit to your next invoice
    a. Example: you refer a partner who signs services totaling $3,000. A credit of $450 will be added to your invoice following signature/payment of referral

Please note that this referral incentive only applies to recurring monthly services and not to one-time projects such as websites or branding packages. If your referral purchases a one-time project from us, 10% of the project value will be added as a credit to your invoice at the completion of the project. One-time projects and recurring services will be treated separately.

Partnership with Clearco


Swello is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Clearco; the fastest, most affordable way for founders to fund their business. Clearco is ‘the world’s largest eCommerce investor’, with over $2B (yes, that’s a B!) invested in over 5,500+ companies worldwide. Clearco offers equity-free capital products, tailor-made for founders in all stages of their journey.  Above just an opportunity to secure non-dilutive funding for your growing business, there are a variety of tools and resources available to you through Swello’s partnership with Clearco.

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Swello is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Clearco; the fastest, most affordable way for founders to fund their business.

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