Top 10 Shopify Apps for eCommerce Companies and Why You Should Use Them

Since June 2006 Shopify has continually seen exponential growth year-over-year showing just 51% growth in 2018. It’s no wonder we are seeing many grounded eCommerce companies make the switch to Shopify, even if it means a MASSIVE migration of data, SEO, and build-out.

Since June 2006 Shopify has continually seen exponential growth year-over-year showing just 51% growth in 2018. It’s no wonder we are seeing many grounded eCommerce companies make the switch to Shopify, even if it means a MASSIVE migration of data, SEO, and build-out. Companies want to use the flexibility of the platform and have access to the countless apps that help our stores operate more efficiently while in parallel using those resources to help increase conversion.

On countless occasions being the field that we are in, we consult eCommerce clients (specifically Shopify users) on how to effectively use the tools at hand to provide growth. Because of our knowledge we wrote this blog to help create a guide for those that are curious as to what some of the best apps that highly profitable Shopify stores are using.

If you aren’t using these apps, download and try them today.


This easy to install review app helps customers write helpful feedback for other potential buyers to review before purchasing. Due to the forcible hand of Amazon reviews can oftentimes make or break our sales cycle. Product Reviews integrates seamlessly with most Shopify themes as well.


Your email marketing strategy is a quick way to increase sales by re-engaging previous buyers with alerts, incentives, product launches, and other exciting broadcast specific messages. Earlier this year Mailchimp removed their integration with Shopify therefore many eCommerce companies have made the switch to Klaviyo. The system is easy to use, allows for abonded cart emails, and makes weekly newsletters a breeze.


Every online store should have a rewards program. Loyalty to your company and word of mouth marketing can be a great tool to find growth. Swell Loyalty & Rewards allows for you to set up objectives such as follow on Facebook/Instagram, sign up for a newsletter, make a sale, share a link (with affiliate tracking), all with redeemable points if actions are taken.


Not every Shopify theme comes with up-selling features that allow you to display other products that a customer might like, that is why we love using Bold Upsell - Upsell Smarter. This useful app can create up-sells that are shown on a product page or check out and increase the overall conversion value per order.


It surprising in the number of eCommerce companies who miss the opportunity to focus on SEO and an increase in organic traffic. An organic certainly is a long term play but this useful app helps you streamline your SEO plan and discover breaks in your website.


Google shopping ads are growing at a very fast pace. eCommerce companies are picking up with Google by using the Shopping and Smart Shopping campaigns. The Google Shopping app allows you to connect your Shopify store to a merchant center and run Google ads directly using your store’s product catalog. You will have to have UPC codes, product descriptions, definitions, and make sure you have keywords relating to your product in those listings but after setting up all you have to do is monitor your campaigns.


Similar to the Google Shopping app, the Flexify: Facebook Product Feed app allows you to display your catalog of products from your store in a Facebook Ad. For example, a customer might come to your store, add products to the cart, and instead of remarketing to them using a generic ad we can remarket them with the actual products they had shopped for previously. Ad recall and shopper re-engagement can dramatically increase using this app.


Although this isn’t an app from the Shopify App store this app does integrate with Shopify using the alternative payment options. Afterpay allows customers to buy products on layaway giving your audience another option to buy those items they want but might not be able to afford in one quick payment. Afterpay on average has been able to increase conversion by 22%.


Spinwheel has become a popular app that incentivizes customers to put in their information in exchange to receive rewards like a discount or free shipping. This interactive and fun pop-up will drastically grow your subscriber list, resulting in increased conversion and sales over time.


Did you know Facebook Messenger boasts an average open rate that's as high as 80%? Using the live chat feature as an interaction can give your customers instant access to you and your support. Quicker turn around in questions answered when a customer is ready to buy increases conversion on your Shopify Store.


Now that you've had a chance to see our favorite Shopify apps. Go out and give a few of them a try. We know there are plenty more awesome Shopify apps out there, if you find others you love, add your comments below.

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