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Why You Should Be Advertising on YouTube

It’s been a long week at work for Frank. He can’t wait until the weekend so he can watch the game (go Bengals!). It’s a new ritual he’s developed with his kids.

It’s been a long week at work for Frank. He can’t wait until the weekend so he can watch the game (go Bengals!). It’s a new ritual he’s developed with his kids.

Lisa’s headlight in her car just busted. Since she knows it would certainly be less expensive and quicker for her to buy and replace it herself, she hesitates to call her local auto shop. She wonders if the task is straight-forward enough. 

Ramona has been highly anticipating a newly-released eyeliner range from a brand she recently discovered on TikTok. She’s been trying to find an eyeliner that is vegan, cruelty-free, zero-waste and also has unique shades that perform. Before she buys she wants to see a few reviews.

So, what do Frank, Lisa and Ramona all have in common? 

They all turn to YouTube.

You might have some preconceived notions about the demographic of YouTube watchers. It turns out YouTube is more than just a platform for Millennials and Gen Z.


We need to shift our perception of YouTube as a young person’s platform to a place for a diverse audience of all ages and backgrounds. 

It’s becoming evident that YouTube is one of the fastest growing entertainment platforms. It currently makes up for more than 1/5th of the total hours of streamed content via TVs.


So how engaged are YouTube video watchers? YouTube’s reach and watch time is unmatched.


Additionally, more viewers are cutting the cord year over year for the more accessible, niche and vast entertainment options available via the internet. 

So how can businesses take advantage of this wide-reaching, highly-engaged and ever-growing platform?

Use YouTube ads to connect with your perfect audience.

Consider the reasons why Frank, Lisa and Ramona are watching YouTube. According to a study conducted by Google, the top 3 reasons why YouTube watchers are tuning into the platform are to relax, to learn something new and to take a deep dive into their hobbies. Frank and his family love watching sports. Lisa is in the market for a new headlight. Ramona wants to find a makeup brand that aligns with all of her values. These are specific signals advertisers can leverage to ensure they are showing their products or services to their ideal audience.   

Advertisers are well aware of the challenges of marketing niche products and finding highly-specific audiences. It can be difficult to target keywords that describe the uniqueness of your product or service without running into the roadblock of low search volume. With new privacy standards being set by Apple, it’s becoming increasingly important to redefine the way we look at audiences. That’s why YouTube is a perfect solution—YouTube is one of the largest streaming platforms with unmatched demographic reach. Its user base is watching highly-specific content that is indicative of their passions and purchase considerations. Passionate people are in the right mindset to discover their next favorite product—yours! 

The perfect audience for your brand may be easier to target than you think.

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