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Find out what Swello has been up to. Read from our many case studies on social ads, Google ads, web design, content creation, SEO, and email.

Eco Guard Pest Control

How We Helped Ecoguard Knock Less Doors

Growing a business has changed for many. While some companies look to the old ways for progress and improvement, other business owners are looking for new, streamlined ways to grow that are measurable and effective.

New Leads
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Rainbow Row

Using Facebook Ads To Scale Revenue

In this case study, we will outline how we helped Rainbow Row scale revenue and Avg ROAS.

I Am & Co

Increasing Social Media Presence with Creative and Consistent Organic Posting

Organic social posting allows you to create a voice and story for your brand so that over time, you can create a community of individuals passionate about your product/service. With consistent and creative posting, we were able to help increase this brand’s presence on both Instagram and Facebook, all while building up their amazing community!

New IG Followers
I Am & Co.

Knowing When Is the Right Time To Send a Email

A lot of blogs and case studies have been written about when the best day and time to send an email is. But if a new company follows those strategies, it may not be the best for their brand and customer base.

Above average
Above average
Moon Law Firm

How We Helped Moon Law Firm Increase Their Caseload

The process of scaling a business has transformed for many. While some companies stick to the traditional means of progress and improvement, other businesses are seeking an intuitive way to grow that is quantifiable and effective.

New Leads
491k +
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Native Interiors

4,000+ Leads for Native Interiors Through Facebook Messenger

Lead generation is a difficult task when it comes to Facebook Ads — but at Swello, we make it happen! Our marketing strategy helped this Southwestern flooring company increase leads and decrease costs through Facebook Messenger.

Messenger Leads
Cost Per Message
Rockin Royalty Baby

Increase Brand Awareness with Organic Posting

Social media platforms are extremely important in increasing brand awareness and engagement! We created a consistent theme and voice to Rockin Royalty's Instagram account and Facebook page and have seen the positive effects that this has produced.

Users Reached
Bear Blocks

Videography that Maximizes Cross-Platform Ad Performance

Swello's digital marketing expertise does not lie with ads alone; our content marketing team can take your brand to the next level, boosting brand awareness and conversions across platforms, just as it did with Bear Blocks.

YouTube Ad Impressions
Facebook Ad ROAS

Show Stopping Content- Use Video to Boost User Engagement

An ad with something moving — like a video or a GIF — is 75% more likely to "stop the scroll." That's why we prioritize content creation that includes videography. This promo video generated more user engagement than anything else the kid-friendly cosmetic brand shared online.

Unique Views
Post Interactions

Using Cold Conversion Campaigns To Increase ROAS

In this case study, we will outline what we did to help increase ROAS and purchases for U-stand.


Find The Right Audience with Ad Testing

Many agencies say the only way to see more results is to spend more ad dollars. We say the best way to get more results is to test audiences, creatives, landing pages, and much more! This case study outlines what we did to help this little KC boutique find their audience, and optimized their ad spend.

Jeannie N Mini

How We Increased Conversions Through Email

One the the best practices for improving an email campaign is segmenting. Segmenting an email list narrows down who is most likely to make a purchase from an email, and has the potential to produce better results with improved open and click rates.

Open Rate
Click Rate

We Increased Movie Ticket Purchases Through Messenger Ads

Thinking outside of the box is critical to any successful Facebook campaign. This case study outlines how we used messenger and messenger ads to help increase theater attendance.

Cost Per Message
Indy Brand Clothing

How We Helped Indy Brand Thrive

Indy Brand Clothing; A brand dedicated to the wild at heart. A brand devoted to the journey. Once Swello started advertising on Google, Indy Brand Clothing experienced a significant amount of sales and an increase on their return on ad spend through mediums like Smart Shopping, Youtube, and Display ads. View the results below.

On Google Smart Shopping Ads
On all Youtube Ads increasing click throughs of about 4,000 clicks.
Keep Nature Wild

From 2X to 6X — Scaling Ads for Keep Nature Wild

Scaling an ad budget and ROAS goal is no easy task. Many brands fail (and do so quickly) as they make efforts to increase their ad dollars while maintaining or growing in ROAS. Swello's strategic planning and execution helped Keep Nature Wild to successfully scale spend and grow their e-commerce brand.

Average ROAS
Lifetime Leather

This Leather Company's Site Went From Good To Great

Building a business from the ground up is hard enough without having to worry about keeping your website and content up to date. We did a complete redesign of Lifetime Leather's website with a focus on the customer experience, and the results speak for themselves.

Average Order Value
Increased Profit