Keep Nature Wild
May 2020

From 2X to 6X — Scaling Ads for Keep Nature Wild

Scaling an ad budget and ROAS goal is no easy task. Many brands fail (and do so quickly) as they make efforts to increase their ad dollars while maintaining or growing in ROAS. Swello's strategic planning and execution helped Keep Nature Wild to successfully scale spend and grow their e-commerce brand.


Growth Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Ads


Google, Facebook, & Instagram



Average ROAS

Average ROAS

Case Study Overview

Keep Nature Wild was built by one phrase, “we stand for what we stand on.” With that in mind, they vow to pick up a pound of trash with each purchase made on their site.

Once Swello started advertising on Facebook and Instagram, Keep Nature Wild experienced a significant amount of sales and an increase on their return on ad spend, all the while sticking to their earth-friendly mantra.


After a detailed analysis of Keep Nature Wild's previous ad campaigns, it was quickly realized that there was a significant opportunity to test a wide variety of audiences from lookalikes, interests and behaviors on Facebook.

Each audience required different creative types to best engage and ultimately convert the prospect into a longtime customer of Keep Nature Wild, so Swello went to work creating content and building ads.

Understanding one's audiences is one of the most critical parts of running ad campaigns on any platform. Keep Nature Wild was able to expand their brand recognition by reaching a diverse population of customers, rather than being focused only on one group of followers and potential purchasers.


Through audience testing and specified creatives, Keep Nature Wild was able to see an average increase of 97.96% year over year with their account's return on ad spend (ROAS).

This increase in their ROAS led to a 107.35% increase in overall site revenue.


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We have been using Swello for about a year now and they have been nothing but AMAZING! They increased our revenue 10x and have been absolutely professional in every step of the way. Now days marketing is a make or break for every company so do your self a favor and get Swello on your side!

Kurtis Toolson
Owner, Chunk Cookies

I've worked with Swello Marketing for over the past year and they are great! Super energetic, professional and results driven. Our company is most definitely in a better position today after working with them. I can't wait to see how they grow as a company and I'm also very excited to see how they help us continue to grow!

Trevor Cannon
Marketing Director, Fat Cats

Swello has been great for our company. They offer an unmatched 1-on-1 experience, and they're a joy to be around.

Tom O'Bryant
Owner, Stingray

Super professional, result driven and always looking for new and innovative ways to reach audiences , the Swello team is truly one of a kind. They’ve helped our startup in its early stage of market research by extracting valuable insights from various test ads campaign with a very economical yet efficient approach. Couldn’t recommend them more!!

Jean-Baptiste Duprieu
Owner, Çava Health

We are currently looking for a better online presence.   Social media marketing and web page building has left me in the dust. Our business also has outgrown what I can do, with little time and expertise in this area. So far I’ve had an amazing experience with SWELLO staff, company policy, and their impressive past work. I hope to have much more time to focus on our products and leave the marketing and website up to them.

Jodie Rincon
Rincon Ranch

Swello is a great marketing agency that works with my small business. They are helping us grow our online sales. They’re incredibly responsive, work with you in a collaborative way and are very knowledgeable! Also, professional and transparent! Love working with them!

Elizabeth Kennedy
Local E

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