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Social media platforms are extremely important in increasing brand awareness and engagement! We created a consistent theme and voice to Rockin Royalty's Instagram account and Facebook page and have seen the positive effects that this has produced.


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Case Study Overview

Rockin Royalty Baby is a baby products company based out of Texas that provides one-of-a-kind baby blankets, headbands, bow clips, and clothing. Each of their products are made with love here in the U.S.A.

Their unique bows, blankets, and clothing pieces are designed to be comfortable, cute, and durable. We wanted to make sure these important qualities were communicated through their social platforms by sharing engaging captions and high quality images to increase awareness for their brand and ultimately, sales!


Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are often the first place someone is exposed to a new or growing business. Having a visually appealing feed with a consistent style and theme, quality images portraying the product, and engaging captions with relevant hashtags can really help your social pages grow and encourage people to visit your website.

Our goal with Rockin Royalty Baby was to create that consistent theme to establish trust and reliability with the brand, as well as increase awareness and engagement for the company. Taking these steps led to an increase in followers, reach, impressions, and conversions!


In less than two months we have seen an increase in over 230 new followers, over 31,500 individuals reached on Instagram, and over 50,000 accounts reached on Facebook.

We have loved working with this brand and are excited to continue working with them to help them establish their presence on social media, and increase their conversion rate and revenue!


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